Do you ever feel like your partner doesn’t love you enough or doesn’t even love you? 

Initially, you thought you have found the one and words can’t explain how you feel about this special person.

Heck, you always look for excuses to spend time with him or her. You felt like you’ve met a reflection of your soul. 

But now, you’re kind of confused. Deep down you feel something is amiss. You feel like you’re in a one-sided relationship. 

What actually happened?

Does he truly love me? Does she feel the same way about me? 

Let’s explore 10 seemingly small things a loving partner will never do…

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    1. Castigate Your Lifestyle Choices 

    Who doesn’t want a partner that cares about his or her lifestyle? Besides, a loving partner should be able to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.

    But that doesn’t mean someone should criticize or castigate whatever you eat, drink, or do to stay healthy.

    If your partner truly loves you, they’ll never shame you in any way or make you feel bad for the choices you make in life.

    Because such acts reek of insecurity and desire to be superior to others.

    2. Compare You To Other People

    The truth is, you exist independently of anyone your partner may know or may have known in the past and it’s really unfair to compare you to them.

    If your partner is so bent on creating a comparison between you and other people, maybe his or her mind is partially elsewhere.

    Because a partner who truly loves you shouldn’t be obsessed about how you measure up against other people.

    You’re unique, different, and special in your own way, so you shouldn’t be compared to other people.

    3. Pick Little Fights With You Constantly

    It’s no secret that healthy fights like arguments, or throwing of words, are good for relationships as they strengthen our love and trust for our partners, relieve us of our emotional jam, help us to know each other better, and increases our intimacy levels with our partners.

    But if your partner always picks a fight with you over why you didn’t do this or why you always do that, there may be a deeper reason behind it.

    A partner who truly knows your worth will never be so bent on looking for opportunities to argue with you over the smallest things. 

    4. Comment Regularly On How Attractive Someone Else Is Even If You’re Not Comfortable 

    If your partner often comments on how cute and attractive your friend, his friend, or the waiter is even when it makes you uncomfortable, they’re simply not mindful of your feelings. 

    A truly loving partner is supposed to be mindful of your feelings. A partner that’s nothing but cruel to your emotions and feelings doesn’t value you.

    I’m not saying that it’s really bad to appreciate someone else’s looks and appearance or talk about celebrity crushes once in a while.

    But a partner that actively makes you uncomfortable with their nasty admiration of other people is simply not loving enough.

    5. Put You Down Publicly 

    We all are imperfect and it’s natural for us to provoke or frustrate one another.

    Therefore, no matter how bad you may have offended your partner, it’s never an excuse for them to publicly put you down. 

    A loving partner will always look for ways to iron things out with you privately whenever you’re having a dispute about anything.

    6. Be Too Busy To Be There For You 

    Can you really count on your partner during your time of need? 

    If yes, then you’ve got a keeper. Otherwise, your partner is not nearly as loving as he or she is ought to be.

    A partner that loves you, is going to be there for you no matter what. They’ll never be too busy to be there for you if they really care and wants you to be part of their lives.

    However, missing your call while at work, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love you. 

    Therefore, never expect them to always drop whatever they’re doing to be with you at any given time. 

    Because you have to be respectful to their time and boundaries too. This makes your relationship last longer.

    7. Say Things That Belittle Or Put You Down  

    We all want a partner that will love us just enough to appreciate us for who we are.

    Therefore, a partner that actively criticizes or makes jest of most especially features we can never change like our heights, skin colors, etc, is just not worthy of us.

    We don’t need a partner that intentionally and always hurt our feelings or belittle us for whatever reason.

    They shouldn’t be so bent on trying to change you unnecessarily because that’s who they fell in love with, In the first place.

    8. Occasionally Try To Discourage You 

    It’s really okay for your partner to be realistic with you and give an honest opinion of how they feel about what you’re doing.

    After all, a loving partner is supposed to put you on the right track whenever you’re getting it really wrong.

    But that doesn’t mean they should always try to break your confidence and discourage you in whatever you do.

    A person who loves you may challenge you to help you grow, but they’ll always be your biggest cheerleader.

    9. Keep You All To Themselves 

    Everyone wants a partner that’ll make them feel loved, wanted, and appreciated. 

    But a partner that monopolizes your time or try to stop you from spending time with other people is simply needy and not loving at all. 

    Partners that genuinely love wouldn’t try to keep you all to themselves. They might miss you when you’re spending time apart, but they’ll never try to make you feel bad about spending time with other people.

    In your life, there should be room for the other important people you love like your family and friends and a loving partner knows that. 

    10. Treat You Like An Inconvenience 

    Does your partner often scroll through his phone when you’re together? 

    Does he or she always seem to be distracted or thinking of other things? 

    Does it always seem like they’re partially with you?

    Yes? It’s obvious that you are an inconvenience to him or her.

    Someone that truly loves you won’t act like you’re just another chore getting checked off the list.

    They’ll be 100 percent present with you whenever you’re with them because they really really enjoy spending time with you. Otherwise, they don’t actually love you.

    Read The Tiny Handwritings On The Wall 

    How often do you wonder if your partner truly cares? 

    For how long will you continue to overlook some little things that aren’t actually little?

    You’re not supposed to bear and swallow every hurtful stunt thrown at you. You’re too good to be treated as if your feelings don’t matter.

    It’s time to make a change, talk things out with your partner, and if you’re still underappreciated maybe you should consider using the door out of the relationship.

    Come on. Pay good attention to these little things and if your partner doesn’t do any of them, you can proudly say that you’re loved and appreciated. Otherwise, you’re not loved enough.

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